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Your gift towards this good cause will go a long way in reviving properties that belong to the Deities and bringing back the sanctity those sacred places deserve. As it stands today, many properties that belong to the Hindu Deities has been encroached, misrepresented, misused and often mismanaged by various entities that are individual or organizational in nature, completely or partially instead of taking care of it.

We sincerely thank you and all the well wishers for their generosity, kindness, and thoughts in preserving the properties of Deities intact.

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Why Contribute?

Our motto is “DEVA SANTHU HAVIRBHUJA” which means “whatever the deity has, all that is for deity only”. This is easily said than done, and needs tremendous financial support to assist the litigation process all the way till end. So, any small gift from your end will be treated like as seva to the Temple Hundi of the Deities to take care of the Deities itself. By gifting to for this good cause, you are not only assisting financially but also indirectly becoming a part of a larger effort to take care of the all the Deities across various Temples that needs attention.


Murugan temple

Cheriya mundam Tirur, Malappuram District, Demolished by Tippu that was recovered



North Paravoor - Ernakulam District, complete temple was demolished and the Deities was thrown away.


Kattakakda Siva Temple

This was encroached by other religious organizations.