Seva Offerings

Goal of Saketham Hindu Litigants Trust is to ensure that all the properties that belongs to the Deities are not mismanaged, encroached or misused.

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Streamline Temple Administration
Safeguard the Abodes of Deities
Help and support all the Devaswom administrations and the functionaries of Hindu temples to protect and preserve the properties belonging to the deity/deities of the temple without alienations, alterations, modifications, dispossessions and disentitlements that would in any manner diminish, decrease or reduce the material value of the temple structure and /or its movable and immovable properties.

Secure and safeguard the abodes of deities from alienations and attachments by any individuals, firms, corporations, groups, dispensations, congregations with an arrière-pensée.

Renovate, reconstruct, restore and revamp dilapidated and devastated temples to their ancient glory and grandeur. Retrieve, reclaim and repossess lost properties of the deities and temples through litigation or otherwise. Inculcate, educate and spread the tenets of Sanathan Dharma and its values in the society at large and to Hindus in particular. Facilitate and conduct lecture series, public meetings & related activities about the ‘Dharmic Values’ prescribed in Vedas, Upanishads, Ithihasas and Puranaas and to mould the Hindu society to be proud of its traditions, culture, ethos and principles embedded in them. Devote, commit and pursue ardently for the well being of the Hindus by being a focused group and to defend, litigate, mitigate, arbitrate and mediate for the Hindu cause in a holistic sense; be it psychological or physiological, structure or cultural, material or spiritual.